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Mono. dauntless summer child of the 90's. blood of winterfell and genghis khan. living in district 4. television and asian drama junkie. addicted to movies and books. lazy editor with pastel & picspam obsession. main fandoms are / snsd / minseok / bangtan / b1a4 / infinite & b.a.p / i'm into lots of stuff & things. this is obviously a multifandom blog. i have a queen named olga ♡

Happy birthday princess mao mao ♡♡♡

Happy birthday mao mao ♡♡♡


I tried to re-create some of the gradients in the sky I would see on my walk to school. I couldnt take any photos and this is my outcome from memory.

"While beautiful looks are important, I think beauty that comes from the inside is also very important."- Jessica. Happy birthday princess!

Happy Birthday Maomao!

"It’s not that I sleep a lot. It’s just that I sleep a lot in the mornings." - Jessica

Happy Birthday Jung Sooyeon

“If no one wakes me up? I have recently slept for 16 hours. I could’ve slept longer, but my mom woke me up to eat.” - Jessica

"Hello! I’m Sleepy Head Jessica whom you can’t wake up even after 10 tries." - Jessica

Happy birthday princess mao mao ♡♡♡