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kiss me now you'll catch your death
Mono. dauntless summer child of the 90's. blood of winterfell and genghis khan. living in district 4. television and asian drama junkie. addicted to movies and books. lazy editor with pastel & picspam obsession. main fandoms are / snsd / minseok / bangtan / b1a4 / infinite & b.a.p / i'm into lots of stuff & things. this is obviously a multifandom blog. i have a queen named olga ♡

make me choose: lizzy or nana for ga-ho.

q: how do you make those adorable facial expressions? 
raina: practice! 
lizzy: i think i’m being real.
raina: it’s lizzy’s real self, but nana and i practice…

Breaker of Chains
Breaker of Chains

140328 - Happy Birthday to our wild and sexy Jackson.

get to know me meme: favourite male groups
♡ b1a4 [1/5]

3 years ago, five angels were gathered together with the mission to bring happiness to our lives. Jung Jinyoung, Shin Dongwoo, Lee Junghwan, Cha Sunwoo, Gong Chansik, my angels. I love you guys more than anything.
thanks for making me smile.
thanks for keeping me alive.
thanks for everything.
Happy 3 years


make me choose: TaeTiSeo or Orange Caramel || 

2NE1 for NYLON
2NE1 for NYLON

f(x) Krystal - Oh Boy! Magazine Vol.30


f(x) Krystal - Oh Boy! Magazine Vol.30

make me choose:

snsd or f(x)